Elegance, design and innovation. These are the values of Alca Group, which are also reflected in our new showroom in Prague. Come and see the first-class quality and luxury design of Alca products from a traditional Czech manufacturer. We look forward to seeing you!


On an area of 1200 m2 you will find a selected product assortment of Alca Group which can be used in every project. All Alca sanitary technology, PV Plast piping systems and system walls Alcasystem. Our team of project managers is ready to assist you with product selection exactly for your project or provide a consultation.

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ALCA - kompletní sortiment
ALCA - kompletní sortiment
ALCA - kompletní sortiment


Come and see personally that our products are not only perfectly engineered and functional, but also have a luxurious look designed by of renowned designers. For architects there is a complete overview of stainless steel design programs, flush plates or shower drains and grids. Whether you prefer a minimalist design or are looking for a dominant element in the bathroom, you are guaranteed to choose.

We have built several system wall installations in the showroom, not only for developers and designers. There is a testing system wall where you can check the simplicity of installation and modularity of the system with the assistance of our experts. We are presenting all the advantages of our system walls compared to plasterboard or brick construction walls on the standard flat core in block of flats.

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The piping systems of FV Plast, which became part of the Alca Group in 2021, represent solutions for water distribution and heating in residential and industrial buildings. Come and see the complete overview of PP-RCT pipes and fittings with 37% higher flow rate and also get to know the advantages of multilayer universal MULTIPERT pipes for installation and heating systems.

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COMFORT is an integrated floor heating and ceiling cooling system that offers perfect thermal comfort all year round without space requirements – simply put, it is not visible in the building at all. Find out how it all works at our showroom. In addition, we will prepare a project for your construction free of charge.

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As part of the Alca Academy concept, we organize expert trainings for professionals - plumbers, designers, architects and other professionals who use Alca products for their work every day. Our team is available for individual consultations or will arrange the training tailored to your needs.

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