Alcasystem prefabricated bathroom solution

For apartments, family houses as well as large development projects Modular system for construction and reconstruction of bathroom areas and toilets by dry construction

Alcasystem prefabricated bathroom solution
15 years warranty
6x faster construction
Made in Czech Republic

One solution for water supply, waste pipes, air conditioning, electrical installation, sanitary ware and sound insulation.

Modular system walls - Alcasystem A revolution in bathroom construction

Alcasystem can replace both brick and plasterboard walls. It can be used both in larger development projects and in the construction of family houses or during renovations. Prefabricated walls brought to the construction site significantly speed up the work and thus save time and costs. The bigger the project, the bigger the savings.

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Advantages of Alcasystem modular walls

Prefabrication and speed

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The entire wall is created in a production plant outside the construction site - it is brought to the construction site and installed only after the overall completion.

Thanks to this, the installation is up to 6 times faster - it usually takes up to 2 hours on the construction site.


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The whole solution of modular construction minimizes the impact on the environment.

Not only the speed of construction contributes to the reduction of the ecological footprint, but also the minimization of waste, which is generated during classic bathroom construction.

Certification and exams

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The Alcasystem is tested and certified in the German MPA testing laboratories for an eccentric load capacity of up to 400 kg.

Sound insulation and fire resistance is certified according to European standards.

Own production

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The production of profiles and all accessories takes place in Czech Republic.

Thanks to our wide product portfolio, we supply all components of prefabricated walls. We can therefore offer a guarantee of up to 15 years for the entire solution.

Modular system walls - Alcasystem Basic elements of the system

The entire wall is made up of three basic elements (profiles, connectors, anchors), thanks to which its parameters can be changed very easily. In this way, we can easily adapt to any space where Alcasystem is needed.

Separate WC modules, mounting frames, pipe distributions and other optional accessories are part of the Alcasystem wall - individually according to each project.

Compact solution for every construction

The advantage of the Alcasystem modular system is its versatility.  

Modular system walls - Alcasystem Tailored to every project

We deliver the entire system wall completely on a turnkey basis, including the actual installation directly on the construction site.

  • Project preparation and documentation - our project team will design the wall for you, create a technical solution and calculation.
  • Production and sealing tests directly in the factory - the production of the walls takes place directly at the Alca plant.
  • Provision of transport directly to the construction site.
  • Installation and supervision on the construction itself - installation on the building itself is carried out with the help of Alca's own team. The customer does not have to worry about anything.
  • Warranty and service – 15-year system wall warranty
Tailored to every project
Consultation and project support ico
Consultation and project support
If you are interested in more information or need to prepare an offer for your projects, do not hesitate to contact us.


Alcasystem - technical catalogue
Alcasystem - technical catalogue
Product catalogue
Product catalogue

Online catalog of system walls

  • Profiles
  • Connectors and anchors
  • Accessories
  • WC systems and frames
  • Sets